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People search

We pledge to make every effort to find missing persons voluntarily or involuntarily (minor, major parties without leaving an address or PSLA).
Search for missing (kidnapping or runaway).
We are often the last resort for families who are waiting to see a missing close relative.
The cases of kidnapping or missing child are in the field of criminal courts and the detective must respect all rules and do not interact in criminal investigations.
In the case of disappearances volunteers (adults), the detective will do everything to pick up the trail of the missing person.

Search debtor, debts, crooks

Action / task:

  • theft, fraud
  • search for debtor

Being a victim of theft or a scam can unsettled you seriously. This
way represents a serious loss of moral and financial stability.
You have been swindled proven, our team will use all means on its power to bring proofs of your damage.
Our investigators will use all their professionalism in any discretion so that you can resolve the conflict in the most advantageous way for you: amicably or in court.

Search for successor heir

We're here to help you find your close relatives. Our experience and wide range (France and Europe) allow us to find your successors (inheritance, life insurance ....).
Our service guarantees fast genealogy research successful.
We have, in addition, expertise in the field of paternity (DNA testing).


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