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We, Leader Investigation Agency, collaborate with recognized experts in profiling and hearing witnesses. We offer their services as part of our investigations of voluntary or involuntary disappearance, criminal hearings ... These Experts will be able to assess the veracity of the testimonies of victims, suspects, witnesses and any interlocutor according to the objectives to be achieved, by decrypting the behavior in order to go beyond the façade image. I propose you a detailed description of the profession of Behavioral Analyst, to guide you and advise you in your investigation.



Action to establish a psychological profile according to context and needs:

- The individual is unknown: draw a psychological portrait-robot to help the investigator in his investigation and research.

- The individual is known: to draw up his profile in order to better define him, to negotiate, to anticipate his behaviors, to evaluate his honesty ...



Action to decrypt the behavior on all levels of language (verbal, para-verbal, non-verbal, facial):

- Evaluate truthfulness, reveal lie and concealment, detect human threat, warning signals of dangerousness

- Decode the behavioral elements (macros and microphones) in order to go beyond the front view of the other person, in real time.



Interview method for evaluating a testimony (suspect, victim, witness), revealing lies, concealment and manipulation; and finally bring the culprit to the written confession. Particularly suitable for investigators, judges, lawyers, HR and managers in situation of internal investigations, etc ...


Presentation of one of our recognized experts practicing in many services of European and international states.


Our Profiler and our Behavior Analyst as a freelance consultant in the investigation and security arenas:

- Investigation: Profiling, investigation support and consultancy, interrogation, Behavioral Interviewing Technique, statement evaluation (suspect, victim, witness), truthfulness analysis, deception and concealment spotting.

-Security: Threat detection and behavioral awareness, high-risk profiling detection, deciphering behavior in crisis situations, dangerousness evaluation: Close protection, airport profilers, transportation, security agents, CCTV surveillance.


Tactical field support - Consultancy and evaluation - Training.

International mobility (french and english spoken).


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