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Private Investigations

Private Investigations

Leader Investigation Agency

Annecy Police Prefecture Declaration

* Member of the OND "National Detective Office" adhering to the CNDEF "National Confederation of Private Detectives and Investigators"

* Certified by the ODF Conventional Order of Private Detectives

We have 15 years of experience in the following fields:

  • Adultery, suspicion of infidelity, double life
  • Adultery, unfaithfulness: You think your spouse is cheating on you, hiding something from you, we are here to help you confirm your doubts. We can check all professional and private trips, schedules and ambiguous calls. Finding adultery can be very important in divorce proceedings, in particular by affecting the amount of the compensatory pension. Adultery is always considered civilly as a fault (according to article 212 of the Civil Code) and you are even entitled to ask the opposing party for reimbursement of the costs you incurred in a spinning mill (See article 700 of the Civil Procedure Code concerning irreparable costs).
  • Spinning
  • Babysitting control,
  • Support reassessment survey
  • Premarital surveys,
  • teenage dating control
  • We can see any act of vandalism or malice towards your property.
  • Paternity search: by legal procedures, we can provide you with medical proof of paternity or affiliation. (See also successor search).
  • Neighborhood problem: we are here to attest to all kinds of nuisance from your neighbors (Nighttime noise, visual disturbance, aggressive or
  • even dangerous behavior, rental disputes, etc.).
  • Drug trafficking (for minors)
  • Lifestyle check
  • Search for heirs Search and verification of testimonies, control of inheritance embezzlement ...
  • Suspicions of belonging to a sect
  • Control of house staff
  • Breach of trust, pressure, threats
  • Search for missing persons...


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