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Investigations Professional

Investigations Professional

Inquire and Investigation for the professional ones

Problems intern companies

Arrange Leader Investigation intervenes more specifically in the many fields dependent on the internal problems of the companies. It ensures the study, it council, execution of the mission, and the follow-up of the results.

  • Analyze CV: checking of the announced references and the exactitude of the formations and dates.
  • Timetable: You have a doubt about the timetable of a collaborator or a close relation? We inquire in any discretion.
  • Control stop disease: In the same way we carry out investigations for controls of stop disease and we bring them back to you facts confirming or cancelling your suspicions.
  • Solvency: We seek for you evidence of solvency of a person. With this intention, us it pistons and let us observe its way of life. We recover evidence and can continue by an investigation of morality.
  • Misrepresentation: In the event of misrepresentations, in case of disaster for example, we can effectively help you with to join together the evidence.

Unfair competition

You think that your company is victim of a flight of customer by one of your former collaborators?

Do not hesitate: call upon our services of investigation, that you will allow:

  • to credit with the evidence usable in front of the courts commercial (businesses prudhommales),
  • to make recognize your rights
  • to recover your customers.

We discreetly carry out our surveys and we bring a work to you effective and neat. We support you in the legal course and us you let us offer the expertise of various specialists according to your trade association.

Before choosing your next collaborator, seeking to know his antecedents by an investigation of morality or an investigation of solvency!

Inquire of solvency

Information of investigation

One can more on the solvency of a company, a future supplier, of his new DRH or on the projects of its main thing competitor? The information of investigation will give some to you more than any bank of data.

The good customer pays! An invoice should not be awaited indefinitely unpaid…
Once this one filed for bankruptcy, it is often too late!

To avoid this kind of problem, the best thing remains to make preventive: to get information about the situation of its partners for to limit the customer risk or the supplier risk.

Protection counters counterfeit

Since your models, patents and marks are protected by a deposit at the National Institute from the Patent rights, we will be able to intervene in the research of or of the counterfeiters.

Fight against counterfeit and distribution parallel.

Seek and determination of the routes of the fraudulent products.
Localisation of distribution.



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